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The transportation of coaches through the Channel Tunnel offers the opportunity for larger groups of travelers commuting between the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. Various bus services also go through the tunnel, such as those from BlaBlaCar and Flixbus.

Group Travel Through the Channel Tunnel

Touring buses can also be transported through the Channel Tunnel. The car train is divided into two sections, one of which is tall enough for coaches.

To reserve a space for a bus on the train, contact LeShuttle:

  • Telephone: +31 (0) 900 504 0540
  • Email:

Additional Information:

  • Double-decker buses are permitted, provided they are no taller than 4.20 meters.
  • The bus driver must have a passenger list with the names of all passengers.
  • Passengers are required to carry a valid passport.
  • Ensure you arrive at check-in 45 minutes before departure.

The Journey to and Through the Channel Tunnel

After the bus has checked in, it drives to the parking area for high vehicles. Here, passengers can visit the terminal building to stretch their legs, shop, etc. Shortly before departure, following the announcement, the buses go through border control first. Then, the drivers follow the green arrows and the staff's instructions to board the train.

Bus Travel from London to Europe

There are many bus trips to Europe organized from England. Such a bus trip typically lasts about 12 hours and usually uses the Channel Tunnel. Various providers organize such trips:

The advantage of bus travel is the comfort: you can sit back and relax, utilizing facilities such as Wi-Fi, power outlets, and more spacious seats than regular public transport buses.

Travel Time by Bus to Amsterdam

The duration of your journey by coach to Amsterdam depends on where you board, often from London, but there are other boarding points too. Extra stops can extend the travel duration. On average, you should anticipate a journey time of about 12 hours. However, with a direct trip from London, you can sometimes be in the center of Amsterdam in just 11 hours.

Double-Decker Bus in the Channel Tunnel


Watch here how a double-decker bus enters the train towards the Channel Tunnel.

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