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Eurotunnel is the company that operates the LeShuttle train through the Channel Tunnel. LeShuttle is the car-carrying train that travels through the Channel Tunnel, transporting vehicles from one side of the Channel Tunnel to the other.

Traveling by Car through Eurotunnel:

If you are traveling to France by car, you can use the Eurotunnel LeShuttle trains. This service connects the United Kingdom with Europe through a train tunnel under the English Channel. The journey takes approximately 35 minutes, making it a fast and efficient way to cross the English Channel into France.

Only on Board with a Vehicle:

Cars, caravans, motorcycles, campers, vans, minibusses, coaches, and trucks can be transported on special trains running from Folkestone in England to Calais in France. It is also possible to board with a bicycle, but this requires a slightly different approach.

Pedestrians, unfortunately, cannot travel on Eurotunnel Le Shuttle trains. They have to use Eurostar trains or ferries.

Heading to the LeShuttle Train with Your Car

How to Book Eurotunnel:

You can use the booking module below to book in English and compare ferry prices with Eurotunnel prices. This allows you to find the lowest price for a journey to Europe.

Eurotunnel LeShuttle Tickets

Book with Getlink

Another option to book Eurotunnel is through the French company Getlink. They manage the website and operate the LeShuttle trains.

Eurotunnel LeShuttle Address:

To get to the Eurotunnel LeShuttle terminal in Folkestone, England, there are various options depending on your starting point and transportation preference. The terminal is located at Junction 11A of the M20 in Kent and is accessible for both cars and buses.

From London: Take the M20 towards Folkestone, following the signs south until you reach Junction 11A, where you will follow the signs to the Eurotunnel terminal.

From the North or Midlands of England: Take the M25 towards the M20 Dover/Folkestone. Then take exit 11A for the Eurotunnel.

Eurotunnel LeShuttle Postcode and Maps:

If you're using navigation, you can enter the following Eurotunnel postcode: CT18 8XX. Here is the complete address of the terminal in Folkestone:

  • LeShuttle UK Terminal
  • Ashford Road
  • Folkestone
  • CT18 8XX

Channel tunnel France Adress

In France, you will find LeShuttle in Coquelles, near Calais. To reach there, take exit 42B of the A16. Then drive directly to the check-in gate. The Channel Tunnel is also referred to as ‘Tunnel Sous La Manche.'

To navigate to the Channel Tunnel in Coquelles, enter the following address into your route planner: Channel Tunnel, 62231 Coquelles. This will take you directly to the correct location.

LeShuttle Terminal France Address:

  • LeShuttle
  • Terminal France
  • 62231 Coquelles

Eurotunnel Frequent Traveller

The Eurotunnel Frequent Traveller program, a preferential scheme designed for travelers who regularly use the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle service between the United Kingdom and France, has been temporarily suspended. This decision was made due to capacity limitations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and as of now, no specific date has been set for when the program will resume.

This program offered significant benefits to frequent travelers, including reduced rates, flexible bookings, and access to dedicated customer service. The suspension reflects the challenges and changes in travel patterns and operational capacity brought about by the pandemic.

Additional information & tips:

Here are some useful tips for traveling with LeShuttle through the Channel Tunnel:

  • When traveling with a pet through the Channel Tunnel, ensure you meet all requirements and visit the pet reception first.
  • To save money and secure a spot, it's wise to book well in advance.
  • Follow the check-in and boarding instructions carefully and arrive on time. You should be present at least one hour before departure but no more than two hours in advance.
  • For a more relaxed travel experience, consider booking a Flexiplus ticket, which allows you flexibility in your departure time. Read here about the different Eurotunnel tickets and prices.

Content is your comprehensive guide for traveling to England by train through the Channel Tunnel. Whether you're traveling by car, on foot, or simply seeking current information, we provide all the essential details for a smooth crossing via the Channel Tunnel. Learn more about Eurostar train services, the Shuttle for vehicles, current prices, and alternatives such as ferries.

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