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Travelling with a caravan or trailer through the Channel Tunnel

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France is an ideal destination for camping and holidays. If you're travelling with a caravan or trailer, the Channel Tunnel is the perfect choice: fast, safe, relaxing, and cost-effective for reaching France.

When heading to France with a caravan, you can opt for either the ferry or the Channel Tunnel. The Channel Tunnel is the quickest route. You drive to Folkestone, where you then board the car train. The train takes just 35 minutes to travel under the Channel to France. Once in Calais, you disembark from the train, and your French holiday can begin.

Although the Channel Tunnel is the fastest way to travel, it's not always the most economical choice. Currently, you can take your caravan for free on the Harwich – Hook of Holland route if you travel during the day with Stena Line.

Use the module below to directly compare prices for different routes.

Rules and requirements for Channel Tunnel travel

The same rules apply to caravans and trailers as to standard cars. However, it's crucial to provide the correct dimensions of your vehicle whenThe same rules apply to caravans and trailers as to standard cars. However, it's crucial to provide the correct dimensions of your vehicle when making a booking. making a booking.

  • Ensure the height and length of the caravan are accurate!

If travelling with a pet, such as a dog, there are specific rules to consider. Here's what you need to know about the regulations for travelling with a dog through the Channel Tunnel.

Advance booking is recommended

Though the Le Shuttle train operates non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we strongly recommend booking your ticket in advance. This ensures you always have a spot on the train and avoid paying more than necessary. Ticket prices increase as it gets busier. Book in advance to avoid paying a premium during the holiday season.

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The process for booking a ticket with a camper through Direct Ferries.

A Good Alternative: the Ferry

Caravan op de veerboot

The ferry is a great alternative to the Channel Tunnel. There are multiple alternative routes, including the ferry from Dover to Calais. The advantage of this route is the often greater choice of times and sometimes cheaper tickets.

See the table below for alternative routes:

For more information on choosing between the Channel Tunnel or ferry, you can find all routes from England to Europe here. Your destination in France might make a specific route more suitable.

Content is your comprehensive guide for traveling to England by train through the Channel Tunnel. Whether you're traveling by car, on foot, or simply seeking current information, we provide all the essential details for a smooth crossing via the Channel Tunnel. Learn more about Eurostar train services, the Shuttle for vehicles, current prices, and alternatives such as ferries.

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