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Read all about Channel Tunnel tickets and prices here. Discover the types of tickets available, how to book them, and how to save money.

Eurotunnel booking

Eurotunnel tickets for the LeShuttle train start from £60 for a one-way journey. You can book Eurotunnel tickets through the booking module above. Alternatively, you can purchase tickets directly at the Channel Tunnel check-in, but please note that these tickets are more expensive than when booked online.

Therefore, it's recommended to reserve your ticket before your departure. This way, you can compare prices and secure the most affordable tickets, often ensuring you have a spot onboard the train.

With the above Eurotunnel booking module, you can reserve tickets for the LeShuttle train and also compare them with other options, such as ferry travel.

Eurotunnel tickets

During the Eurotunnel booking, you have the choice of various Eurotunnel tickets. In the table below, you'll find these tickets with a starting price, and then we'll explain the conditions for each ticket.

* For this type of ticket, you must book a return journey.

Day Trip & Overnight tickets: These are the most economical tickets, starting from £60 for a one-way journey. It's essential to know that these tickets are sold as return tickets by default, and the return portion is valid for up to 2 days. Therefore, you must return no later than the second day before midnight.

Short Stay Saver: The Short Stay Saver is also a standard return ticket, with prices starting at approximately £93 for a one-way journey. The difference from the Day Trip tickets is that you must make the return journey within five days.

Standard: This is the most standard ticket, allowing you to book a one-way journey. With a return ticket, you have the flexibility to choose when you return, without being tied to a specific number of days.

Flexiplus ticket: The Flexiplus ticket is the most expensive option but offers the most flexibility. With this ticket, you are not bound by specific times and can depart at any time on the day of your booking. This ticket also grants you access to a separate check-in, providing priority and ensuring you always have a place on the train.

Choose a Short Stay and save £60 on a short trip

The Flexiplus ticket is available in two options: the standard Flexiplus ticket and the Short Stay Flexiplus ticket. The Short Stay option is cheaper, saving you £60, but keep in mind that you must make your return journey within 5 days.

Affordable rates for Channel Tunnel tickets

If you're looking for the most cost-effective way to travel through the Channel Tunnel, the Day Trip & Overnight ticket is an excellent choice, available from just £60. The only thing to consider is that you must return within 1 or 2 days after purchasing your return ticket.

For such a ticket, you must always purchase a return ticket. If you were already planning to return within 1 or 2 days, you can save significantly on costs.

We also recommend booking tickets in advance. Ticket prices depend on demand and can become more expensive during busy periods. Therefore, it's wise to book your ticket in advance, allowing you to easily find affordable options.

Cheaper alternatives

An alternative to the Channel Tunnel is a ferry. Although the crossing takes slightly longer (+1 hour), the journey is often much cheaper. Not in a hurry? Compare the train route through the Channel Tunnel with the ferry crossing.

The most common route from England to France is Calais to Dover, but there are other routes that also directly sail to the Netherlands.

* Dit is tijd die je op de veerboot doorbrengt, los van de totale reistijd naar Engeland.

** Dit is de vanafprijs voor één persoon en één auto. Verschillende maatschappijen kunnen mogelijk extra kosten per persoon in rekening brengen.

* This is the time spent on the ferry, separate from the total travel time to England.

** This is the starting price for one person and one car. Different companies may charge additional fees per person.

Discounts on activities and entry

When traveling with LeShuttle, you also have the opportunity to take advantage of some discounts. All you need to do to benefit from these discounts is to show your LeShuttle ticket or hanger (received after check-in).

Current discounts when traveling with Eurotunnel (LeShuttle):

  • Get a 20% discount on the admission price for Leeds Castle by showing your ticket hanger upon arrival.
  • Enjoy a 10% discount with the privilege card at Ashford Designer Outlet. Sign up at Guest Service in the outlet mall and show proof of your LeShuttle journey.
  • Receive a special discount at Comptoir Libanese Kitchen by showing your Eurotunnel hanger.
  • Get a free croissant with the purchase of a hot drink at Starbucks in Ashford Designer Outlet.

Eurotunnel 25 return

The “Eurotunnel 25 Return Day Trip Deal” was a popular offer by LeShuttle in 2019, allowing travelers to book a round trip to France for just £25. This incredibly affordable deal provided an excellent opportunity for day trips and short getaways to France. However, this specific offer is no longer available. Since then, LeShuttle has not promoted similar deals, and no new Eurotunnel deals have been announced to date.

While many miss the “Eurotunnel 25 Return” deal, there are still opportunities to save on crossings to France and other destinations. Various ferry companies regularly offer attractive deals. DFDS maintains a special promotions page where you can find their latest deals, and P&O Ferries often has interesting offers that can result in significant savings for travelers. If the Eurotunnel deal or a similar offer returns in the future, we will certainly share it here to keep you informed of the best travel options.

Is there a Eurotunnel discount code?

Unfortunately, there are currently no Eurotunnel Discount Codes available. During the Eurotunnel ticket booking process, there is no option to use a discount code, indicating that such discounts are not currently offered and are unlikely to be available in the future. The cheapest tickets are available from £60, provided you book well in advance. So, early booking is the key to finding the most affordable rates for the Eurotunnel.

Content is your comprehensive guide for traveling to England by train through the Channel Tunnel. Whether you're traveling by car, on foot, or simply seeking current information, we provide all the essential details for a smooth crossing via the Channel Tunnel. Learn more about Eurostar train services, the Shuttle for vehicles, current prices, and alternatives such as ferries.

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