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The ferry provides an excellent alternative for crossing to Europe. Although not the fastest option, it is often the most affordable. Expect a travel time approximately one hour longer than a journey via the Channel Tunnel.

Taking the ferry to Europe

Various routes connect England with Europe, and depending on your destination, you can choose the most suitable route. A popular choice for those wanting to avoid the Channel Tunnel is the Dover – Calais route. This crossing takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. For comparison, the transit via the Channel Tunnel takes only 35 minutes, meaning the ferry journey is 55 minutes longer.

While the travel time with the ferry is longer than that of the car train through the Channel Tunnel, it is often more economical to travel by ferry. Prices for both the ferry and the train via the Channel Tunnel vary depending on demand, so it pays to compare prices carefully. Use the booking module below to weigh both options and discover the most cost-effective travel option for you.

Good alternatives to the Channel Tunnel

There are various ferry routes from England to Europe, with the choice depending on your destination in Europe and your departure point. There are routes from England to France, as well as from England to the Netherlands. For travel through Europe, the Dover-Calais or Dover-Dunkirk routes are the best options. From France, you can easily travel further throughout Europe, and the crossings from Dover are the shortest.

In the table below, you will find the best alternative journeys from England to Europe, including direct journeys from England to the Netherlands. For each journey, the starting price of the crossing is provided, as well as the estimated duration of the crossing.

Comparison: cheapest ferry to Europe

* This is the starting price for one person and one car. Different companies may charge additional costs per person.

Conclusion: Channel Tunnel or ferry, the best route?

The choice between the Channel Tunnel or the ferry depends on your departure and arrival location, the speed at which you want to travel, and your budget. Traveling by car via the Channel Tunnel is always the fastest option. However, a ferry journey can be significantly cheaper.

Moreover, traveling by ferry is often perceived as more relaxing. On board a ferry, there is plenty of entertainment and various entertainment options. Many travelers also consider duty-free shopping on board a ferry as a significant advantage.

Are you curious about the fastest route for you and the cost difference? Fill out the booking module below to compare prices for a journey via the Channel Tunnel or with the ferry.

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