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The opportunity to bring a bicycle through the Channel Tunnel offers a unique experience for cycling enthusiasts looking to explore France. Although cyclists cannot cycle directly through the tunnel, there are special facilities available to transport bicycles.

If you wish to travel to France by bicycle through the Channel Tunnel, there are two ways to do so:

  1. Onboard the LeShuttle car train departing from Folkestone.
  2. With the Eurostar train from London to Brussels or Paris.

Eurotunnel LeShuttle Cycle Service

If you want to travel with your bike via Eurotunnel, you must reserve a spot in advance. You can do this by visiting the Eurotunnel Cycle Service website at least 10 days before your journey and filling out the application form.

After you've done that, customer service will contact you to arrange everything.

It's important to note that tickets cannot be returned, and you won't get a refund if you change your mind. If you need to make any changes to your trip, you can do so up to three working days before you depart. So, make sure to plan everything carefully before booking!

Eurotunnel offers the special bike service from the Holiday Inn Express in Folkestone. Sign up here, and you'll be picked up along with your bike by a spacious minibus and taken to the terminal. The journey with Le Shuttle takes about 35 minutes.

  • Address of Eurotunnel Cycle Service: Holiday Inn Express Folkestone, Cheriton Parc, Cheriton High St, Folkestone CT18 8AN, United Kingdom

You can use the bike service every day, but you must have reserved it at least 10 days in advance. You should be present 15 minutes before the minibus departure time for your journey.

It's possible to arrive by car, which you can park at the Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel parking lot, but there are associated costs and a daily fee payable at the hotel.

To Reach the Cycle Service by Bike

You can also travel to the Channel Tunnel by train and bicycle. Travel to Folkestone West, exit the station, and turn left towards Station Road. Take a left onto Cheriton Road and proceed onto Cheriton High Street. Take the left turn towards Tesco. Continue on this road until you see the Holiday Inn Express Hotel on the left-hand side.

After you and your bike are picked up by the minibus, it will drive to the train. The bus boards the train, which then departs. Within 35 minutes, you'll arrive in France. The minibus will then drive to the CIFFCO building (bike service in Calais), where you can continue your journey independently.

The Return Journey

The return journey is similar to the outbound journey. It's also necessary to reserve in advance for the return journey (at least 10 days in advance).

  • Adress of Folkestone Cycle Service: CIFCOO-gebouw, Boulevard de l'Europe, 62904 Coquelles

Tip: Recommended to Return by Ferry

It can be challenging to have to reserve 10 days in advance for your return journey. One solution is to return via ferry on the way back. This allows you to plan a scenic route and avoid being tied to the return journey via the Channel Tunnel (which only operates once a day in the morning). Additionally, ferry timings can be much more convenient, as ferries operate the crossing throughout the day.

Bicycles on the Eurostar

To reserve a space for your bike on the Eurostar from London to Paris, you need to send an email to

On the journey from London to Paris, your bike must be dismantled and packed in a suitable box or bag at check-in. Fully assembled bikes are only accepted on the route between Brussels and London.

At check-in, you must drop off your packed bike at the baggage service. Upon arrival in London, you retrieve your bike from the platform. Please note that there is no trolley available, so make sure to only bring luggage that you can safely carry.


For the Eurotunnel bike service, you will be charged 50 euros per person including the bike. Children in a child seat travel for free. Separate rates apply for tandems and bike trailers, based on the number of seats and the size of the bike.

There are also other alternatives to travel to France or the Netherlands with your bike, such as by ferry. Most ferries allow bikes for a small additional fee.

One advantage of traveling with these ferries is that you have more flexibility in booking and are not tied to a specific time, as is the case with the Eurotunnel. Moreover, most ferries are cheaper than train travel.

In the table below, you will find various alternative routes to travel to France or the Netherlands with your bike, including prices and travel durations for each mode of transport.

Chris Froome cycles through the tunnel himself

Although cycling through the Channel Tunnel is generally not allowed, professional cyclist Chris Froome was given a unique opportunity to do so. This special occasion, where Froome cycled from Folkestone to Calais, was captured in an impressive video.

Discover more Channel Tunnel videos here. For example, you can watch a video about the opening of the Channel Tunnel or see how a double-decker bus drives onto the car train.

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