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Eurotunnel Folkestone

The Eurotunnel to France can be accessed from Folkestone. Below, you'll find the easiest way to reach the Eurotunnel in Folkestone, including address details to follow, along with a handy map of the terminal.

How to get to Eurotunnel Folkestone Terminal

To reach the Eurotunnel Folkestone terminal in England, follow these steps:

1. Route to Folkestone terminal:

If you are coming from London or the north, take the M20 motorway heading south. Follow the M20 to the end, where the motorway becomes the A20. This will take you directly to the Eurotunnel terminal.

From other parts of England, adjust your route to join the M20 towards Folkestone.

Caution: Do not follow a satnav route that includes ‘Terminal Service Rd'.

2. Follow the signs:

While on the M20, pay close attention to the signs indicating the Eurotunnel. As you get closer to Folkestone, the signs for the Eurotunnel become more frequent and clear.

Follow the signs for ‘Eurotunnel‘ and ‘Channel Tunnel‘, which will lead you to the terminal.

3. Arrival at the terminal:

follow the signs to the eurotunnel checkin

Once you are near the terminal, follow the signs to the ‘Check-in‘ and ‘Ticket Holder‘ areas. There are different lanes depending on your ticket status and whether you have pre-booked.

4. Check-in Eurotunnel:

incheck eurotunnel folkestone

At check-in, present your ticket and passport (or ID card) to the staff. They will give you a boarding pass and a time slot for your crossing. Then proceed to the English and French security checks. A valid passport is required to travel.

After check-in, you can visit the terminal in Folkestone. Here you can shop duty-free, grab a bite to eat, or use the restroom.

5. Waiting for boarding:

There are waiting areas where you can park and wait until your departure time approaches. Make use of the facilities such as toilets, shops, and dining options if you have time.

Keep an eye on the information boards and announcements for updates on your departure time and when you can proceed to the boarding area.

6. Driving to the train:

Enter the Eurotunnel train

As your departure time approaches, follow the signs and instructions from the staff to be directed to the correct platform and train carriage. On-site staff will assist you in positioning your vehicle correctly on the train.

Folkestone Eurotunnel postcode

By entering the correct details into your navigation system, you will easily reach the Eurotunnel Terminal. Note: do not follow navigation instructions that include ‘Terminal Service Rd'. Make sure to use the correct postcode (CT18 8XX), and you will arrive at the correct destination. The necessary details are provided below:

  • Eurotunnel LeShuttle
  • UK Terminal
  • Ashford Road
  • Folkestone
  • CT18 8XX

Eurotunnel Folkestone Terminal map:

Ensure proper preparation for your journey to avoid problems. It is important to be present at least one hour before your departure, but no more than two hours before your scheduled departure time. If you arrive early, you even have the chance to visit some shops in the Eurotunnel Folkestone terminal. Twenty-five minutes before your departure, your journey will be announced, and you can find your travel details on the blue screens.

The map of the Eurotunnel Folkestone Terminal can be found below:

It is advisable to reserve your ticket in advance. This way, you ensure yourself a place on the train. Moreover, rates are lower when you book in advance, and you have the option to choose a specific time slot, allowing you to save even more. Use the booking module below to discover the most cost-effective price.

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