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The car train to France takes 35 minutes to pass through the Channel Tunnel. This makes it the fastest way to travel to Europe by car.

If you want to travel to France by car, traveling via the Channel Tunnel is a popular choice. Not only is this the fastest route, it is also the most environmentally friendly choice. On this page, you will find information on how to travel to Europe by train with your car, what the costs are, what the journey looks like, and other important rules to consider.

Channel Tunnel by Car

You have the choice of two types of trains that travel through the tunnel to France. These are the passenger trains of Eurostar and the car trains known as Eurotunnel or LeShuttle.

LeShuttle Car Train

For LeShuttle, you drive your car to Folkestone, where you then drive onto the train via special car platforms. The train then takes you to Calais in France in about 35 minutes.

  • The route of the car train to France is as follows:

What does the Eurotunnel with the car cost?

The costs of traveling via the Eurotunnel with the car can vary greatly.

  • There are different types of tickets.
  • Prices depend on the train's occupancy.
  • Prices may increase due to the height or length of the car.

In the table below, you can see the starting prices per ticket type.

We recommend booking your trip online in advance. This prevents you from ending up without a place and thus not being able to take the train. Also, you can best choose your time slot in advance and choose the most advantageous price. As the train fills up, prices increase. If you book last minute, you may be lucky to find a spot available at a favorable price, but this is not guaranteed.

Rules for crossing by car the Chunnel

Before booking or heading to the Channel Tunnel, it's wise to carefully review the rules. Below are the main rules to consider when traveling by car:

  • Vehicles that run fully or partially on LPG (gas) are unfortunately not allowed on LeShuttle.Read more about the Channel Tunnel LPG regulations.
  • Electric cars are allowed.
  • There are restrictions on transporting gas bottles.
  • If your car is taller than 1.85 meters, please indicate this in advance.
  • The maximum loaded weight of the car may be 3.5 tons.

The LeShuttle train is also accessible to sports cars and vehicles with a lowered chassis.

By car to France or the Netherlands on the ferry

The Eurotunnel is a popular choice for travel to the Netherlands or France due to its speed. But there are also other good ways to travel to France or the Netherlands by car. How about the ferry, for example?

An advantage of the ferry is that it is often slightly more affordable. In addition, you have the option to depart from various locations in England, such as Harwich, Newcastle, or Hull. There are routes that also sail directly to the Netherlands, although it is not the fastest route, it can be a pleasant one. See here which ferries sail to the Netherlands or France and what the difference in travel time is compared to the Channel Tunnel.

Making a booking with a rental car

To book a ticket for the Channel Tunnel, you are asked to specify the brand and model of the car you are travelling with. This is to make a good estimate of the length of your car, so that the train can be arranged as efficiently as possible.

If you plan to travel with a rental car, you often do not know exactly which brand and model you will get beforehand. However, you can still book a ticket for the Channel Tunnel with a rental car. You can give a general indication of the type of vehicle you expect to travel with at the time of booking. Once you have the specific details of your rental car, you can then update them with your booking reference.

Here is a brief step-by-step plan to make your booking with a rental car:

  1. Use the booking module above and enter the correct details.
  2. Select ‘car' under the transport type option. Then choose ‘other brand and model' and fill in what you approximately expect to rent, such as the length and height of the car.
  3. Complete your booking. Once you know the exact details of your rental car, you can update them using the booking reference you have received.
Booking a ticket with a rental car
If you do not yet know the brand and model of the car you are travelling with, choose "other" in the car type option and place a cross next to brand and model.

Content is your comprehensive guide for traveling to England by train through the Channel Tunnel. Whether you're traveling by car, on foot, or simply seeking current information, we provide all the essential details for a smooth crossing via the Channel Tunnel. Learn more about Eurostar train services, the Shuttle for vehicles, current prices, and alternatives such as ferries.

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