All about the Channel Tunnel

Eurotunnel to Amsterdam

By car or train to Amsterdam, the route via the Channel Tunnel is the fastest route.

By Car via the Eurotunnel to Amsterdam

The Channel Tunnel allows you to quickly reach the European mainland. In Folkestone, at the Eurotunnel Folkestone terminal, you drive onto the car train (LeShuttle), and within just 35 minutes, you cross over to Calais in France. From Calais, it's about a 4-hour drive to Amsterdam.

Channel tunnel car
By car through the Channel Tunnel with the car train.

Route from Eurotunnel to Amsterdam

  1. After exiting the Eurotunnel, you'll find yourself in northern France. Follow the signs towards the A16 motorway, which leads to Belgium.

  2. In Belgium, follow the signs for the E40 motorway towards Brussels.

  3. After Brussels, continue driving north on the E40 motorway. You'll pass through cities such as Aalst before continuing towards Antwerp.

  4. From Antwerp, continue following the E19 motorway towards the Netherlands. You'll cross the border and enter the Netherlands.

  5. Once in the Netherlands, follow the E19 and later the A2 motorway towards Amsterdam. This route takes you through cities such as Breda and Utrecht before ultimately arriving in Amsterdam.

Tip: Cheap Parking in Amsterdam

We recommend not driving all the way into the city center but using the P+R locations instead. At these P+R locations, you can park affordably just outside the city center. From there, you can travel to the center using public transportation. Read here how this works and what conditions apply.

Book your ticket for the car train to Amsterdam

Through the booking module below, you can order a ticket for the Eurotunnel car train. It's wise to do this online in advance, as it's often much more affordable and allows you to compare prices. Tickets for the Eurotunnel train also vary by time slot, so it's smart to investigate this online yourself. While it's possible to order a ticket at the Eurotunnel check-in, prices can become very expensive when it's busy.

By Eurostar from London to Amsterdam

Eurostar Chunnel

If you're not traveling by car, the Eurostar is an excellent option. This train departs from London St. Pancras International and reaches Amsterdam directly in just 4 hours. The Eurostar train also travels through the Channel Tunnel and reaches speeds of up to 186 mph. Traveling by train to Amsterdam via the Channel Tunnel is an environmentally friendly choice, as trains generate much less emissions than ferries or airplanes. The prices for a journey with the Eurostar are also attractive, you can book a one-way trip to Amsterdam for as low as £39.

The Eurostar runs directly from London St. Pancras International to Amsterdam (make sure to book a direct journey, otherwise, you'll have a stopover in Brussels). The train stops at Amsterdam Centraal, and from there, you can easily walk into the city.

Content is your comprehensive guide for traveling to England by train through the Channel Tunnel. Whether you're traveling by car, on foot, or simply seeking current information, we provide all the essential details for a smooth crossing via the Channel Tunnel. Learn more about Eurostar train services, the Shuttle for vehicles, current prices, and alternatives such as ferries.

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